Pop Up Research Station- Investigates Social Practice Projects

Preparation is also underway to begin our on air panel discussions connecting with art organizers in various cities for our pre-summit online conference, which will happen on in November 2014, listen in or contact us at popuprearchstation@gmail.com

The theme this year for Chicago Artists Month is “Crossing Borders”; starting in November the Pop Up research station will resume our weekly on air radio interviews with blogtalkradio.com/GYST-ink. 
GYST Radio calls in number:  (914) 338-0532.

Phantom Gallery Chicago and Phantom Galleries LA have come together with the intent to create a network of support for artists and arts organizations who are engage in creative placemaking.

I  attended the Roots and Remedies Conference in Detroit Michigan, on July 17th, and have schedule live interviews with art organizers from Oakland Artist Coalition  who have transformed Detroit’s Historic North End neighborhood.

National Conference Attendees on Tour
  “Oakland Artists transforms historic corridor in Detroit’s North End”
Tour public art sites along Oakland Avenue in Detroit’s historic North End neighborhood with members of the Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition. 
Proposed Flagship Location

Urban Farming and Art
Learn more about the initiative’s historical context, recent public art projects and glimpse future plans for the art corridor. We will end our tour at Oakland Avenue Farm and Market and stroll through this awesome example of the intersection of art, urban agriculture and community engagement.

Building a 21st Century MovementResearch Justice

How does research fit into our campaigns? What does it mean to integrate the principles and practice of research justice into our work?  Participants walked away with concrete tools on how target research can make our social change campaigns more successful and how research can support campaign planning and execution. 

We discussed how to redefine research and the idea of “expertise” in our own terms, highlight research as a tool we already use actively in our daily lives, and harness it as a tool to serve our needs. And, we will collectively begin to surface the connections between the knowledge that already exists in our communities and the political power we are trying to build.
This project is funded by Hatchfund,GYST, Phantom Gallery LA, and membership donations from Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, Creative-Currency, Praxis, UIC, EMU,Borderbend Arts Collective, with support from DCASE Chicago Artists Month.