Hypnotic Brass Ensemble wants to make jazz cool again with young people

"Art is Business"  Public Affairs Director Global Resources ID Lavon N. Pettis

 Hypnotic Brass is  prepared to offer workshops on the history of jazz, and it's relationship to funk & hip hop!  We are also interested in offering any age students musical fundamentals for each instrument.  Hypnotic would be willing to offer comprehensive & constructive critiques for high school jazz students. 

Our goal is to inspire youth interested in learning, developing and sharing ideas about how to sustain & make a living in the music industry.   HBE will speak at length about every aspect of the business including how to collaborate with other artists, how to get your music in films, and how to protect your intellectual content.  We will also look at the ever evolving role of technology in the music industry. 

Our normal rate for one school workshop is $2,500.  4 concert/workshops in one academic year or 4 different school visits.  $10,000. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop 
contact Public Affairs Director Global Resources ID Lavon N. Pettis, 773-458-9864
Project Manager Southside Music Series. lavonnpettis@gmail.com.

See Hypnotic perform for the youth and the Cultural Ambassador of  Mexico!

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble y la Orquesta Azteca | Noticias de Cultura (YOUTH CONCERT):


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