"Art is Business" Reposted for, Barbara Koenen + Tim Samuelson

Tim's new exhibition, Love For Sale, will put a spell on you. Even the Rolling Stones get in on the act. Love For Sale opens on Friday April 24 from 5:30 - 7pm. The exhibition runs through August 2, 2015. The Chicago Cultural Center is located at 78 E. Washington Street, Chicago, IL.
 Everyone wants love. And who doesn’t want good luck and success in life? Or how about looking their best? In business on Chicago’s South Side from 1926 to 1984, the Valmor Products Company offered all these things and more.

Perfumes, hair pomades, incense, and a number of other products came packaged in small bottles and tins bearing colorful, eye-catching labels that affirmed the powers of the products within. Although largely unknown to historians of commercial art and advertising, the graphic design of Charles Dawson, Jay Jackson and Ernest Macha created an indelible identity for the houdou, cosmetics, hair care, wigs, perfumes and love potions of the Valmor Products Company and was among the most creative and original of the era.

Collectively, the Valmor labels and advertisements are significant and thought-provoking reflections of twentieth-century graphic art and cultural history. And if the promised powers of love and good fortune can be conveyed to the visitors of this exhibition, so much the better! Who doesn't want beauty, luck, happiness and thrills?