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Sweet Fruit Falling- Chicago Fringe Opera

126 views  Premiered Jun 12, 2021
Music & Lyrics: Renée Baker

Chicago Modern Orchestra Project
Director: Renée Baker
Vocalist: Dee Alexander
Percussion: Coco Elysses
Saxophone: Luc Mosley

Site-Specific Micro Operas for Chicago
Phantom Gallery Chicago, Bronzeville

Cinematography: George Cederquist
Music Director/Commissioning/Co-Concept: Catherine O’Shaughnessy
Co-Concept/Video Editing: Brad Caleb Lee

A single dream
As I wear the cloth that fits
you say it's fine
you say they're fine
I know I'm alone
Carrying my bowl to gather the fallen fruit
that falls from the lips of others
wondering when all will fit
when I will fit
holding the bowl tightly, waiting for the daily alms offering
to eat and swallow with dignity every morsel proffered
hoping for sweet fruit fallen from the branch
my hope
one morsel to make me well
one morsel to make me pretty
one morsel to make me acceptable
the morsel that signals the end of the day
to look at the trees alone
to sup under the trees alone
to touch the bare earth
to seek others like me, seeking
sweet swee swe
sweet fruit
falling sweet fruit
sweet sweet swe
sweet fruit
falling sweet fruit
fall asleep dreaming
fight sleep waiting
renounce sleep
so the falling morsel won't miss me

Renee Baker© 2021